Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay Stone

The Rhassoul clay originates from a 100% natural & ecological rock, known for its natural soothing & cleansing benefits since the 13th century.

The Rhassoul Clay, A Source Of Natural Benefits From The Heart Of The Earth

Ghassoul (pronounced ” Rhassoul”), is a natural mineral clay which has natural cleansing properties and means “the washer” in Arabic.

The only known and actual location in the world where the Rhassoul clay is found, is located in northern Morocco (in the Middle Atlas mountains to be exact).

The Rhassoul is a natural rock, 100% ecological, known for its amazing natural soothing and cleansing properties. Its use is nothing new to the natives in Morocco as it dates back to the thirteenth century.

Mixed with water Rose water or jasmine for variation, The Rhassoul Clay (also Ghassoul or Rassoul) turns into an ultra gentle natural care product to wash face, body and hair without any negative side effects or damage.

This amazing natural gift has been used for centuries by Eastern, but mainly by Moroccan women, to clean, cleanse, tone and smoothly nourish their skin and hair.

Today, the Rhassoul clay starts to be known to the Western world for its astringent, absorbent and soothing qualities.

It has also always been an essential element of the traditional bath (Hammam) kit of the Moroccan women, just like black soap and Kessa glove.

Rhassoul: A Clay With The Ancestral Cosmetic Benefits…

Ghassoul Clay Pack

The Ghassoul clay pack sold in the souks in Morocco.

In Europe, where the demand for natural products is growing, Rhassoul clay is rapidly gaining ground and becoming one of the most sought-after natural clays. Especially that it meets the strict Western criteria for natural beauty products.

Furthermore, mineralogical and chemical checks are carried out regularly to help ensure its safety.

In addition, the Rhassoul clay / Ghassoul even got the U.S. Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association standards’ (CTFA) as well as the Ecocert labels, which govern the cosmetics industry.

Sold in the Moroccan souks, Rhassoul clay occurs in large clumps of dark gray or light gray. In its raw state, it is also sold as a powder or tablets called “M’siyek” and “M’siyeq”.

As to the processed versions, the Ghassoul / Rhassoul clay is often cleaned, sun-dried over days and flavored by adding various kinds of dried flowers and other ingredients.

No wonder this amazing God-sent natural gift is a widely appreciated product, especially among All-Natural products’ aficionados.

At The Beginning Was The Earth

Ghassoul Clay – Origin


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